Based on 20 Years Working with SEO Agencies

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Hi everyone! My name is Dion Lovrecich (surprise, I'm not an AI bot). This post is based on my 20 years working at SEO agencies in Melbourne and Geelong. It's the honest and unbiased feedback from colleagues and happy clients that have genuinely built the foundation of their business through SEO. In many cases these SEO agencies have been (and remain) my direct competitors but I'm promoting them here because the whole point of this article is to provide a no-nonsense, qualitative and trustworthy list of agencies that abide by best practice, those that have great technical knowledge, don't waste your marketing dollars and most importantly, those that get impressive (long term) SEO results.

Most business owners know that SEO agencies claim to get quick page one results and many of them do. But let's look at those that create consistently impressive organic traffic year after year. Note that these SEO agencies are based only in Melbourne and Geelong in Victoria, Australia.

Melbourne's Top 3 SEO Agencies

  1. EngineRoom SEO Agency Melbourne - EngineRoom are hands down the best SEO agency for the following reasons. A) Their clients do SEO with them for more than 5 years on average! Just stop and consider that for a moment, B) They will provide a long list of happy clients for you to contact about SEO results so you can hear it direct. C) I used to work there for 7 years as their Head of Marketing and I was able to see the impact on organic traffic for every client, it was incredible and best of all - it was long term and never dodgy so those clients that reaped the rewards back then and still enjoying mountain loads of free traffic today. D) They are precise with task management and accountable down to 15 minutes increments with their SEO team. It means clients don't waste their SEO budget, ever! E) Lastly, they have an awesome SEO dashboard within their platform (called EngineRoom) that does correlative analysis and presents SEO leads in best way I've ever seen in an analytics dashboard.
  2. StudioHawk SEO - StudioHawk are a direct competitor to my own agency Extra Strength Marketing and to EngineRoom but as I said at the start of this article I will give credit where credit is due. They deserve to be at the top of this list because of the quality of their work and the direction from their founder Harry Sanders. In recent years I've worked closed with two of their ex-employees including one of their senior SEO execs and I've been privy to their processes and to their results for clients. As far as I know, they have minimal wastage and great technical knowledge. They don't produce dodgy SEO content so they deserve to be considered for your SEO services.
  3. Impressive - Impressive's SEO services deserve to be here and yes (sigh) they are a direct competitor to my own agency Extra Strength marketing, but they certainly have the long standing kudos from almost all of the SEO specialists I've worked with over the years. That's why they're number three on this list, not so much that I have seen first hand the results they achieve and the processes they have (like EngineRoom and StudioHawk) but I would estimate that over the years I've had more than 30 SEO professionals compliment their internal processes and the calibre of their team. The story has always been the same, that they hire the best of the best, to produce the best of the best. That common theme lands them a spot here. And a quick Google search cements that too. Plenty of praise for these guys.

Honourable mentions: Shout Digital and my own little agency, Extra Strength marketing.

Geelong's Top 3 SEO Agencies

  1. Extra Strength SEO Services - Extra Strength SEO is, surprise, surprise, the number one SEO agency in the Geelong region and along Victoria's surf coast. Full disclaimer, this is my agency so initially I placed my own agency in an honourable mentions line down the bottom. But as time went by and I learnt more and more about the SEO services available in Geelong I also realised that we deserved to be up the top of this list. Here's why, for starters our results are transparent, we share video recordings showing our clients SEO results and invite you to speak to them. I couldn't actually find another SEO agency in Geelong that does that. And secondly, we utilise SEO best practices that are similar to Melbourne's best SEO agency, with award winning technical experts especially for SEO with Webflow and ecommerce, and local SEO which was hard to find among other Geelong SEO agencies. In short, as self serving as this appear to be. I really think Extra Strength's SEO services are the best in the region and I welcome anyone to inform me of others who cut through the crap and call it how it is.
  2. 3228 Digital - Our mates at 3228 Digital are actually direct competitors to Extra Strength marketing as they're also based in Torquay, Victoria and they offer the same services but once again, I'm just calling it straight, they have a great reputation, they're transparent with their processes and their results (check out their website they have plenty of examples on there). And importantly, they don't offer any dodgy page one guarantees, or lock in contracts, nothing like that. The quality of their design and content production for SEO purposes is always high and I know a few local businesses that use them and they are happy with the service. So, without shooting my own agency in the foot too much, I do recommend them if you're looking for a great SEO provider in the Geelong area. The only reason they're in position two instead of position one is because as far as I can see the results Extra Strength have achieved for our clients are (on average) much higher using organic traffic as the primary metric.
  3. Goop Digital - Goop offer a wide range of digital services but their SEO results have been magnificent for two of the local businesses in Geelong that I happen to frequent, when asking them about the services they have nothing but nice things to say and I can see that is backed by solid data. With growth in organic traffic that rival Extra Strength (almost) but with fewer examples available. Despite being a small agency they put in the hard yards and get great results, and my due diligence didn't raise any alarm bells with regard to dodgy SEO tactics.

SEO Agencies to avoid like the plague

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The following SEO agencies should be avoided at all costs based on my professional experience and client feedback: King Kong, First Page, Melbourne SEO Services and E-Market Experts - I've had dozens of clients over the years tell horror stories about how they wasted their money and implemented some very dodgy SEO tactics. With proof in many cases, and in other cases the feedback was a common theme.


In conclusion, the aforementioned top 3 SEO agencies in Melbourne and Geelong are rock solid choices for small to medium businesses across Australia, and especially those in the vicinity. You can't really go wrong with any of them, the main difference will be the moment (the month) where their SEO handy work starts to make noticeable impact and if you're new to SEO that shouldn't be too soon. If it is, then pull the pin or pause because there's a 99.9% chance that it will crash and burn. Slow and steady has always been the way of the SEO expert.