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How we manage Facebook Ads


Step 1. Research

Our research phase is informed by a wealth of experience and a strategic use of tools. Employing insights from Facebook Audience Insights, AdSpy, and the Facebook Ad Library, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of audience behaviours, competitor strategies, and the nuanced dynamics of Facebook Ads.

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At Extra Strength, our expertise shines in the testing phase. We, as Facebook Ads optimisation experts, leverage tools such as AdEspresso and Hootsuite Ads to conduct thorough tests. Our focus on improving ad creatives, testing audience segments, and optimising ad delivery allows us to identify optimal approaches for enhancing ad visibility and user engagement.

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Going beyond traditional metrics, we, at Extra Strength, understand the importance of analysing audience engagement and optimising for conversions. With EngineRoom Analytics, Mixpanel, Facebook Ads Manager and Google Analytics, we evaluate the effectiveness of implemented strategies, refining our tactics based on real-time data and industry benchmarks.

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Step 4. Iterations

We focus on improving ad relevance scores, refining targeting parameters, and enhancing overall campaign performance. Rooted in Facebook Ads best practices, our approach ensures adaptability to evolving algorithms, trends, and user behaviours on the platform.

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Technology assisting Facebook Ads

From Facebook Business Manager, AdEspresso, and Hootsuite Ads to insights from Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics, we ensure a data-driven approach to optimising Facebook Ads campaigns.

Using data intelligence

Facebook analytics services

We analyse datasets from Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Optimize and other sources to make informed decisions for optimal Facebook Ads performance. Ultimately this is where the Meta Business suite is starting to shine, with deep correlative analysis now possible and we've been using it to great effect.

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How do our FB Ads perform?

We will be honest. Unlike our Google Ads and SEO services which are much more consistent, we've found that Facebook Ads can fluctuate a lot more in cost per conversion. The good news is that we can project this ahead of time (in most cases) so we will let you know if the cost per lead / sale is looking good.


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How does Extra Strength's global team contribute to the success of Facebook Ads campaigns?

Our global team, with specialists worldwide, collaborates seamlessly to ensure Facebook Ads campaigns are optimized for success. Our diverse expertise enhances the adaptability of strategies to different markets and user behaviours.

Can you elaborate on Extra Strength's approach to transparent pricing and the benefits it brings to clients using Facebook Ads services?

Transparent pricing is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to client satisfaction. It ensures that clients have a clear understanding of costs, fostering trust and providing a solid foundation for collaborative success in Facebook Ads campaigns.

How does Extra Strength optimize ad creatives and targeting parameters in Facebook Ads campaigns, and why is it a crucial aspect of our strategy?

Optimizing ad creatives and targeting parameters is a key focus for us at Extra Strength. By continually refining these elements, we ensure that Facebook Ads campaigns are strategically aligned to drive valuable user actions, contributing to overall campaign success.

Can you provide insights into Extra Strength's approach to reducing Facebook Ads cost per acquisition (CPA) and how it benefits businesses?

Our approach involves leveraging Facebook Ads best practices, refining targeting parameters, and optimizing ad creatives. This not only lowers the Facebook Ads cost per acquisition but also enhances overall campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

calculate your cost per lead / sale


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