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Our SEO processes for Small Businesses


Step 1. Research

Extra Strength harnesses a suite of cutting-edge tools for comprehensive research and analysis in Small Business SEO. Tools like Screaming Frog, our proprietary Extra Strength website analysis web app, SEMrush, SERanking, the EngineRoom SEO performance dashboard, Google Optimize, Hotjar, Google Tag Manager, SEO Quake, Wildjar Phone Call Tracking, MixPanel for custom data analysis, BuzzSumo, and AHRefs contribute to a data-driven and holistic approach. These tools provide nuanced insights into keyword performance, competitor strategies, and user behaviour tailored specifically for small businesses.

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Strategic testing forms the bedrock for refining and optimizing Small Business SEO strategies. Extra Strength adopts User Acceptance Testing (UAT) processes, comprising qualitative and quantitative testing. Utilizing tools like Google Optimize for A/B testing, Hotjar for heatmaps and user behaviour analysis, and Wildjar Phone Call Tracking for evaluating content impact on user calls in the small business context, UAT ensures that changes align precisely with user expectations, driving desired outcomes.

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Ongoing analysis of Small Business SEO performance is underpinned by statistical methods. Extra Strength applies rigorous statistical data science methods such as t-tests, chi-squared tests, and ANOVA tests to derive meaningful insights. By utilizing controls, the process of elimination, and MixPanel for custom data analysis, Extra Strength ensures that data-driven decisions are statistically significant, tailored to the unique challenges and goals of small businesses.

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Step 4. Iterations

Continuous improvement is fundamental to Extra Strength's ethos in Small Business SEO. Regular content audits using tools like Screaming Frog, SERanking, and AHRefs contribute to identifying potential enhancements. The agency's proprietary website analysis web app streamlines the process, allowing for a more tailored and efficient analysis of website performance for small business clients. Additionally, Extra Strength leverages the EngineRoom SEO performance dashboard to monitor key metrics and guide iterative refinements specific to small business needs.

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Working smarter, and harder.

Extra Strength's holistic strategy in Small Business SEO encompasses a diverse array of industry-leading tools and web applications. From BuzzSumo for content ideation to Google Tag Manager for streamlined tag management, each tool has a specific role. The synergy of these tools allows Extra Strength to craft a comprehensive Small Business SEO strategy that addresses various facets of performance while considering the unique constraints and opportunities faced by small businesses.

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Vigilant monitoring of advanced metrics is a cornerstone of Extra Strength's approach in Small Business SEO. The EngineRoom SEO performance dashboard provides real-time analytics, ensuring timely insights into metrics such as social shares, backlinks, and conversion rates for small business clients. This proactive monitoring enables Extra Strength to respond swiftly to changing trends and user behaviours within the specific context of small business operations.

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Our SEO results for small businesses

We work to provide tangible results for small business clients as quickly as possible. Enhanced organic traffic, improved search engine rankings, elevated user engagement, and increased conversion rates are the quantifiable outcomes of the agency's data-driven and tool-enhanced approach tailored specifically for small businesses.


frequently asked questions


How frequently should content audits be conducted for Small Business SEO purposes?

Regular content audits, facilitated by tools like Screaming Frog and SERanking, ensure timely identification and addressal of areas for improvement, specifically tailored to the unique needs of small businesses.

What role do statistical methods play in Small Business SEO content analysis?

Statistical methods, including t-tests and chi-squared tests, underpin Extra Strength's data-driven approach, providing precise insights into Small Business SEO performance within the context of small business operations.

How does user behaviour analysis contribute to Small Business SEO content optimization?

User behaviour analysis, facilitated by tools like Hotjar, informs content optimization strategies by revealing insights into how users interact with Small Business SEO content, ensuring tailored approaches for small business clients.

How does the proprietary Extra Strength website analysis web app streamline the content auditing process for Small Business SEO?

The Extra Strength website analysis web app streamlines content audits, offering a tailored and efficient analysis of website performance for iterative refinements, specifically designed for small business SEO success.

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