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Extra Strength's Content Writing Process


Step 1. Research

Extra Strength's research methodology includes a holistic examination of topics, keywords, and competitor content. Tools like BuzzSumo and Ahrefs aid in identifying trending topics and understanding competitors' content strategies.

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Strategic testing, involving A/B testing and performance monitoring using tools like Google Analytics, is integral for refining SEO content strategies. Continuous evaluation ensures data-driven decisions, enhancing user engagement and search engine visibility.

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Ongoing analysis, facilitated by Google Analytics and content performance platforms, tracks key metrics like page views and conversion rates. This data-driven approach informs strategic adjustments for improved search engine visibility and audience engagement.

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Step 4. Iterations

Extra Strength prioritises continuous improvement through regular content audits and user feedback analysis. Iterative strategies adapt to evolving search engine algorithms and audience preferences.

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SEO content tools and web apps

Understanding how users are viewing your website content is essential, which is why Extra Strength relies on industry-leading tools like SEMrush, SE Ranking, Siteliner and Yoast SEO for this data in addition to keyword research and content optimisation.

Using data intelligence

Analysing the effectiveness of SEO content

We look closely at how your audience comments, shares and clicks on your content. We use data science, employing machine learning algorithms, aids in understanding user behaviour, identifying content trends, and predicting audience preferences, positioning Extra Strength at the forefront of content creation strategies.

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Results from our SEO content

Extra Strength's efforts yield tangible outcomes, including heightened organic traffic, improved search engine rankings, elevated user engagement, and increased conversion rates. Good content also invites more backlinks and more social shares.


frequently asked questions


How frequently should content audits be conducted for SEO purposes?

Regular content audits, facilitated by tools like Screaming Frog and SERanking, ensure timely identification and addressal of areas for improvement.

What role do statistical methods play in SEO content analysis?

Statistical methods, including t-tests and chi-squared tests, underpin Extra Strength's data-driven approach, providing precise insights into content performance.

How does user behaviour analysis contribute to SEO content optimization?

User behaviour analysis, facilitated by tools like Hotjar, informs content optimization strategies by revealing insights into how users interact with the content.

How does the proprietary Extra Strength website analysis web app streamline the content auditing process?

The Extra Strength website analysis web app streamlines content audits, offering a tailored and efficient analysis of website performance for iterative refinements.

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