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At Extra Strength, we run per-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns using a proven-process that reduces the cost per conversion across all industries. Think of it as slashing the weeds in a messy garden (filtering out irrelevant clicks in bulk fashion) and then pulling out the weeds by hand (refined filtering of irrelevant keywords). This methodology ensures no wasted marketing dollars and continuously increasing relevancy.

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LinkedIn Ads Services

Extra Strength stands out as an authority in LinkedIn Ads, leveraging a deep understanding of the LinkedIn UI. Based in Torquay, our global team collaborates seamlessly with LinkedIn specialists worldwide, excelling in optimising LinkedIn Ads with a focus on effective lead generation.

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Instagram Ads Services

Instagram Ads are the key to unlocking serious visibility, killer conversion rates, and all-around success. Enter Extra Strength – the digital squad that’s been rocking the insta-scene for over 15 years. We’re all about being upfront with our prices, no weird contracts, and a crew based in Torquay, VIC. We'd love to help you out with your Instagram ads and as always our focus will be on cost per lead / sale.

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Facebook Ads Services

Facebook Ads and the entire Meta Business advertising suite is a mess. Industry professionals will attest to this time and time again, because it's true - the whole interface and the logic behind Meta Ads seems like it was made by a 5 year old with issues. Fortunately, we can speak 'troubled 5 year old', and we've spent enough time figuring it out to offer really good cost per conversion across most industries.

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Microsoft Ads Services

Microsoft Ads is often under-utilised by small businesses and even by enterprise level organisations. The cost per lead / sale can be lower than other ads services with higher volumes. The principals remain very similar to Google Ads and to a lesser extent, similar to LinkedIn Ads. Either way, it works.

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Google Ads Services

We know a thing or two about Google Ads. Enough to operate the system with our eyes closed, hands tied behind our backs and a mouth full of marbles (whilst under water). In other words, we get you the lowest possible cost per conversion. And we achieve it quickly.


frequently asked questions

How does Extra Strength Marketing Agency enhance the performance of my Facebook Ads?

Extra Strength uses advanced targeting techniques, compelling ad creatives, and ongoing performance analysis to ensure your Facebook Ads reach the right audience and achieve optimal results. The team constantly refines the strategy based on data insights to enhance engagement and conversion rates.

What distinguishes Extra Strength's Facebook Ads service from others in the market?

Extra Strength excels in creating highly personalised and visually appealing Facebook Ads that resonate with your target audience. The data-driven approach leverages the latest trends and algorithms, ensuring your ads stay ahead of the competition. The focus is on delivering not just clicks but meaningful interactions that drive tangible business outcomes.

How does Extra Strength Marketing Agency optimise Google Ads to maximise ROI?

Extra Strength conducts thorough keyword research, uses compelling ad copy, and employs strategic bidding to ensure your Google Ads appear to users actively searching for your products or services. The team continuously analyses performance metrics, making data-driven adjustments to enhance ad relevance and increase conversion rates.

Can Extra Strength tailor Google Ads campaigns for specific business goals?

Absolutely. Extra Strength customises Google Ads campaigns based on your specific objectives, whether it's increasing website traffic, generating leads, or driving direct sales. The team aligns the ad strategy with your business goals, implementing targeted campaigns that deliver measurable results and a strong return on investment.

How does Extra Strength create visually appealing Instagram Ads that captivate audiences?

Extra Strength combines creative expertise with data-driven insights to design visually stunning Instagram Ads. The team understands the platform's visual nature and leverages high-quality imagery and engaging content to capture users' attention. The approach ensures your brand stands out in the Instagram feed.

Can Extra Strength target specific demographics with Instagram Ads for better audience engagement?

Absolutely. Extra Strength tailors Instagram Ads to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviours. Whether you're aiming to reach a younger audience or a niche market, the team employs precise targeting strategies to ensure your ads are seen by the right people, maximising the impact of your Instagram advertising efforts.

How does Extra Strength optimise Microsoft Ads to reach a diverse audience?

Extra Strength utilises Microsoft Ads' unique audience targeting capabilities to reach a diverse set of users. The team conducts comprehensive keyword research, optimises ad copy, and leverages demographic targeting to ensure your ads resonate with Microsoft's user base, leading to increased visibility and engagement.

Can Extra Strength integrate Microsoft Ads with other advertising channels for a cohesive marketing strategy?

Certainly. Extra Strength takes a holistic approach to digital marketing. The team can seamlessly integrate Microsoft Ads with other advertising channels to create a cohesive strategy that amplifies your brand's online presence. This integration allows for consistent messaging and improved overall campaign performance.

How does Extra Strength leverage LinkedIn Ads to target B2B audiences effectively?

Extra Strength specialises in B2B marketing on LinkedIn. The team utilises precise targeting options based on job titles, industries, and company sizes to ensure your ads reach decision-makers and key influencers. The approach focuses on delivering content that resonates with a professional audience, driving quality leads for your business.

Can Extra Strength assist in creating thought leadership through LinkedIn Ads?

Absolutely. Extra Strength understands the importance of thought leadership on LinkedIn. The team crafts LinkedIn Ads that position your brand as an industry authority, leveraging engaging content and strategic targeting to reach relevant professionals. The goal is to enhance your brand's credibility and influence within your target market.

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“I highly recommend taking any opportunity to gain some digital wisdom from Extra Strength and utilising their skill set. I have yet to meet anyone who knows more about digital marketing than Dion and his team."



“Extra Strength's understanding of business through a sales and marketing lens is the best I have seen- and I have come across many. Their competencies stretch well beyond digital and data led marketing into all forms of business and strategic expertise."



“Extra Strength's open and transparent approach to problem solving and giving/receiving feedback is something you wish for on every project. Very excited to work with them again"


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“The most knowledgeable people in the marketing world. Can take any business and make it better."

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