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Our Microsoft Ads process


Step 1. Research

We start by researching keyword data with SEMrush, Google Ads, Unbounce, and the MS Keyword Planner. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of market trends, competitor strategies, and the nuanced dynamics shaping Microsoft Ads.

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The focus is on reducing cost-per-clicks (CPCs), honing ad relevancy, and dissecting conversion funnels for optimal strategies. Typically we run several A/B and multivariant tests in isolated against a benchmarked control. This phase is critical and empowers new ideas.

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Delving beyond conventional metrics, Extra Strength emphasises click attributions and assisted conversions in the analysis phase. Leveraging the EngineRoom's dashboard we gauge the effectiveness of deployed strategies, refining tactics in response to real-time data and industry benchmarks.

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Step 4. Iterations

When an particular ad or ad set is proven to work we start iterating the next set of ads with a focus on elevating click-through rates (CTRs) and enhancing the relevancy of rich media and ad copy. Ultimately, we determine success based on cost per conversion inline with Microsoft Ads best practices.

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AI enhanced Microsoft Ads

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is indispensable for optimising Microsoft Ads campaigns. Extra Strength Marketing harnesses the power of AI algorithms to analyse vast datasets and identify patterns that inform bidding strategies. By leveraging Microsoft's AI-driven features like In-market Audiences and Custom Audiences, the agency tailors campaigns to resonate with users likely to convert.

Using data intelligence

Analysing Microsoft Ads

The agency utilises a combination of Microsoft Ads reporting tools and third-party analytics platforms to derive actionable insights. Key performance indicators, including click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and return on ad spend (ROAS), are scrutinised to identify trends and areas for improvement.

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Measuring ad success

measurement of campaign success is fundamental to optimising Microsoft Ads effectively. Extra Strength Marketing employs robust conversion tracking mechanisms to attribute conversions to specific ads and keywords. Implementing advanced attribution models, such as time decay or position-based models, provides insights into the customer journey and informs budget allocation across touchpoints.


frequently asked questions


How does Extra Strength leverage Microsoft Ads best practices to ensure optimal campaign performance?

At Extra Strength, we meticulously follow Microsoft Ads best practices, incorporating industry insights and data-driven strategies. This ensures that our clients' campaigns align with the latest trends and deliver optimal performance in the competitive landscape of digital advertising.

Can you share specific examples of how Extra Strength's global team collaborates to enhance the effectiveness of Microsoft Ads campaigns?

Our global team at Extra Strength collaborates seamlessly, bringing together diverse expertise to enhance Microsoft Ads campaigns. For instance, specialists from different regions contribute insights tailored to local markets, ensuring a holistic and adaptive approach to campaign success.

How does Extra Strength approach the challenge of reducing Microsoft Ads cost per acquisition (CPA), and what benefits does this bring to businesses?

Extra Strength adopts a multifaceted strategy to reduce Microsoft Ads CPA, incorporating techniques such as CPC reduction, advanced statistical methods, and leveraging insights from industry leaders. The result is not only cost-effectiveness but also enhanced overall campaign efficiency for our clients.

Can you elaborate on Extra Strength's commitment to transparent pricing and how it contributes to building trust with clients using Microsoft Ads services?

Transparent pricing is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to client satisfaction. By providing clear and understandable cost structures, we foster trust and collaboration. This transparency not only benefits our clients in understanding costs but also establishes a solid foundation for successful Microsoft Ads campaigns.

calculate your cost per lead / sale


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