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The Extra Strength Instagram process


Step 1. Research

Being Insta Ads gurus, we kick off with some serious detective work. Think Facebook Audience Insights, AdEspresso, and a sneak peek into the Instagram Ad Library. We're all about figuring out what makes your audience tick, checking out the competition, and getting benchmark data set (with a sufficient data set and full data integrity).

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Testing different looks for your audience, and dialling in ad delivery like the pros we are. It's about cranking up the engagement, testing what hits the sweet spot, and making your brand pop.

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No dull stats here – we're all about the Insta pulse. Our Instagram Ads Manager and Google Analytics are on a constant date, decoding the effectiveness of our moves. It's not just about numbers; it's about correlative trend line data that helps us turn insights into Insta gold.

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Step 4. Iterations

Enter the Extra Strength Insta lab. With a global crew that’s tighter than ever, we're upgrading your ad game. Think boosting relevance scores, refining targets, and taking the Insta stage with iterations that we refine over and over continuously and systematically improving your assets.

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Insta tools of the trade

From Instagram Business Manager to Zapier, AdEspresso, Mixpanel and Hootsuite, we're riding the Insta wave. Knowing these tools inside out back to front saves you money and improves performance.

Using data intelligence

Analysing Insta Ads

Transparency is what we're all about. Extra Strength infuses data science into our Insta strategy. We're like data DJs – using machine learning beats and statistical grooves to mix insights from Instagram Analytics, Google Analytics, and more. It’s a process we've refined over 15 years as leaders in the industry.

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Our Instagram Ads deliver results

Our Insta Ads are the real deal. Think expanding your Insta reach, turning up your branded traffic, boosting those likes, comments, shares and most importantly - making conversion rates sing. We’re all about fine-tuning, refining, and lowering that Insta Ads cost per acquisition.


frequently asked questions


How does Extra Strength's global team contribute to the success of Instagram Ads campaigns?

At Extra Strength, our global team collaborates strategically, leveraging diverse expertise from different markets to ensure Instagram Ads campaigns are meticulously tailored for success. The synergy of our international specialists enriches campaigns, aligning them with global trends and audience behaviours.

Can you elaborate on Extra Strength's approach to transparent pricing and the benefits it brings to clients using Instagram Ads services?

Transparent pricing is a cornerstone of Extra Strength's commitment to client satisfaction. Our clients appreciate the clarity it provides, fostering trust and laying a robust foundation for collaborative success in Instagram Ads campaigns. It eliminates uncertainties, allowing clients to plan and budget effectively.

How does Extra Strength optimize ad creatives and targeting parameters in Instagram Ads campaigns, and why is it a crucial aspect of our strategy?

Optimising ad creatives and targeting parameters is a focal point at Extra Strength. We meticulously refine these elements to align with Instagram's dynamic landscape, ensuring our campaigns resonate effectively with the audience. This strategic focus is crucial, as it directly impacts the success and relevance of Instagram Ads.

Can you provide insights into Extra Strength's approach to reducing Instagram Ads cost per acquisition (CPA) and how it benefits businesses?

Our approach involves a meticulous alignment with Instagram Ads best practices, coupled with continuous refinement of targeting parameters and ad creatives. This not only results in a reduction in Instagram Ads cost per acquisition but also enhances overall campaign efficiency and effectiveness. Our data-driven methodology ensures optimal resource allocation and a strong return on investment for businesses.

calculate your cost per lead / sale


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