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The Extra Strength link building process


Step 1. Research

Gap analysis with key competitors, usually the 2-3 competitors that dominate page one rankings. This research phase identifies the links that are contributing to the success of page one competitors.

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We get busy implementing and testing backlinks that point to your key services and products but only if they are promoted naturally and in such a way that generates real clicks and referral traffic. So the signals are there for Google to see that they are providing a good user experience. During this phase we'll check to ensure the links are being clicks and their pages are generating traffic.

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The analysis phase requires an individual specialist from Extra Strength to deep dive into the quantitative data from backlinks acquired. We'll review correlative stats between links acquired and ranking changes, in conjunction with isolation tests that contain new backlinks and no other updates across the website.

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Step 4. Iterations

As with all of our SEO programs, we will iterate what works when we know 100% that it's helping the site rank better and crucially, that it's providing a great user experience. That way we tick both boxes - our client is happy and Google is happy because the user is happy. So... everyone is happy. Iterations are implemented until this is achieved.

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Link building tools of the trade

SERanking is hugely underrated as a link building tool, it has proven to be trustworthy in our tests, showing links that matter and helping our team remove dodgy links. We cross-reference Google Search Console and SEMrush backlink profiles to ensure our data has integrity and just so that we are confident in the dataset.

Using data intelligence

Does anyone analyse links? We sure do!

A lot of SEO service providers will build backlinks in a 'set and forget' manner. Extra Strength's SEO link building is about building and then testing the results, again and again. We do this to ensure the links are offering value to users, that they're being clicked and that they are on a site that continues to work as a leader in their respective industry.

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performance & results

Link building results

At the end of the day we will check tangible output in the form of Influencer Partnerships: Forged partnerships with influencers and thought leaders within the industry to secure high-end endorsements and backlinks through collaborative content creation. Linkable Asset Creation: Develop compelling, data-driven, and visually appealing content assets that naturally attract high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources. Broken Link Reclamation where we regain broken or outdated links pointing to relevant content.


frequently asked questions


How does Extra Strength ensure the quality and relevance of acquired backlinks in high-end link-building campaigns?

Extra Strength employs a meticulous vetting process, emphasizing relevance, authority, and adherence to industry best practices, ensuring the acquisition of high-quality and contextually relevant backlinks.

Can you provide examples of specific tactics used by Extra Strength in high-end link-building campaigns to secure links from authoritative industry sources?

Certainly, Extra Strength leverages strategic content outreach, influencer partnerships, and linkable asset creation to secure high-quality backlinks from authoritative industry sources, contributing to the success of high-end link-building campaigns.

How does Extra Strength adapt its high-end link-building strategies to stay ahead of evolving search engine algorithms and industry trends?

Extra Strength maintains continuous vigilance over search engine algorithm updates and industry trends. The team adapts link-building strategies swiftly, incorporating the latest tactics and methodologies to ensure that client campaigns remain at the forefront of high-end link-building advancements.

What role does content quality play in Extra Strength's high-end link-building tactics, and how is it ensured?

Content quality is paramount in Extra Strength's high-end link-building tactics. The agency ensures top-notch content through rigorous content audits, strategic content creation, and collaboration with industry influencers, ensuring that content meets the highest standards for linkability and relevance.

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