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Local SEO by Extra Strength


Step 1. Research

We identify and target the right keywords, and we leverage tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Moz, or SEMrush. This phase involves exploring local search trends and understanding the specific keywords that resonate with the local audience. A robust local SEO strategy begins with a deeply analysed keyword selection.

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Google My Business (GMB) optimisation is a cornerstone, as highlighted by Patel and Fishkin (since 2021), involving accurate business information, compelling imagery, and proactive review management. On-page SEO practices, including the strategic placement of local keywords in titles, meta descriptions, and content, are paramount for local search relevance (Search Engine Land, 2022). Mobile optimisation, responsive design, and NAP consistency across platforms also constitute essential elements during this phase.

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Utilising tools such as Mixpanel, Hotjar, Google Analytics and Google Search Console, Extra Strength can gain insights into organic traffic, user behaviour, and conversion rates for local searches. This phase is intricately linked to performance evaluation, enabling businesses to gauge the impact of their local SEO efforts.

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Step 4. Iterations

The iterations phase involves refining strategies based on performance metrics and adapting to changes in search engine algorithms. This iterative approach ensures we keep rankings once achieved (especially in local maps and geo-targeted keywords).

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Technical SEO assists local SEO

Extra Strength's tactical strategy in Local SEO encompasses a diverse array of industry-leading tools. From the Knowledge Graph for local business information to Schema Markup for structured data, each tool is strategically employed. This comprehensive ensemble crafts a sophisticated high-end Local SEO strategy, addressing various facets of local presence while navigating the unique challenges and opportunities inherent to regional visibility on search engine maps.

Using data intelligence

Analysing Local SEO

It's not rocket science, the data is readily available to those who know where to find it and how to use it. Geographical results are different to standard SEO search engine results pages (SERPs) because they utilise an advanced algorithmic subset for organic performance, meaning that the factors that Google and other search engines use to determine the most relevant results are not the same as the core algorithm. This principal directs our analysis and therefore, we remain focused on geo-targeting for rankings, rich results, knowledge graph, maps and more.

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Results from local SEO

From increased local search rankings to heightened brand visibility on Google Maps, augmented local business listings, and enhanced conversion rates, the quantifiable results speak to the agency's tactical and tool-enhanced approach. In other words, we get the job done!


frequently asked questions


How does Extra Strength ensure the accuracy of business information in the Knowledge Graph for local businesses?

Extra Strength employs a meticulous process of verifying and updating business information, ensuring accuracy and completeness in the Knowledge Graph to enhance local business visibility.

Can you provide examples of specific tactics used by Extra Strength in high-end Local SEO campaigns to secure prominent positions on Google Maps?

Certainly, Extra Strength employs tactics such as Google Business profile optimisation, Schema Markup implementation, and vigilant monitoring through Google Search Console to secure prominent positions for local businesses on Google Maps.

How does Extra Strength adapt its high-end Local SEO strategies to stay ahead of evolving local search algorithms and industry trends?

Extra Strength remains vigilant over local search algorithm updates and industry trends. The team adapts Local SEO strategies swiftly, incorporating the latest tactics, methodologies, and tools to ensure that client campaigns remain at the forefront of high-end Local SEO advancements.

What role does Schema Markup play in Extra Strength's high-end Local SEO tactics, and how is it strategically implemented for maximum impact?

Schema Markup is strategically employed by Extra Strength to provide structured data to search engines, enhancing the understanding of local business information. This implementation is tailored for maximum impact, improving search visibility and user engagement in high-end Local SEO campaigns.

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