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15+ years specialising in SEO had taught us a thing or two, but there's still no substitute for hard work. We go hard and then we go home; we don't waste your time and we don't want our time wasted. Put simply, we know what works when it comes to SEO and we can accurately project cost per lead / sale over time (based on the delta of more than 70 clients). What we do is project your cost per conversion and then we ask you if it works within your profit margins. If it does (accounting for our costs too) then we hit the go button.

SEO Services

Ecommerce SEO Services

At Extra Strength Marketing, our Ecommerce SEO services are crafted to propel online stores to new heights. With over 15 years of specialisation in SEO, our friendly team in Torquay ensures that your e-commerce site stands out in the competitive digital landscape. We employ a data-driven approach, leveraging our advanced SEO tool suite and the EngineRoom SEO dashboard to optimise your product pages, enhance user experience, and boost conversion rates. Our focus on cost per sale/lead guarantees a return on investment, and our proven strategies consistently deliver increased organic traffic and relevant leads for our clients.

SEO Services

Technical SEO Services

In the realm of Technical SEO, Extra Strength Marketing sets the gold standard. We understand the intricate details of website architecture, performance, and indexing. Our data analysis experts meticulously examine every technical aspect to ensure your website is search engine-friendly, resulting in improved rankings. With simple and low-cost pricing, no lock-in contracts, and a commitment to implementing best practices, we optimise your website's technical foundation for long-term success.

SEO Services

SEO Content Writing Services

SEO Content Writing is an art we excel in at Extra Strength Marketing. Our seasoned team of writers crafts compelling, keyword-rich content that resonates with your target audience. We seamlessly integrate SEO strategies into your content, enhancing its visibility across search engines. Leveraging our expertise, we create engaging narratives that not only rank high but also drive meaningful engagement, reflecting our commitment to quality and excellence.

SEO Services

Small Business SEO Services

For Small Business SEO, Extra Strength Marketing understands the unique challenges faced by local enterprises. Our tailored solutions empower small businesses to compete on a larger scale. With a focus on the 'Near Me' aspect of searches, our strategies ensure that your business is prominently featured in local search results. Our cost-effective pricing, coupled with the elimination of lock-in contracts, allows small businesses to benefit from our more than 15 years of SEO expertise without breaking the bank.

SEO Services

SEO Link Building Services

At Extra Strength Marketing, SEO Link Building is an integral part of our comprehensive SEO strategy. Our approach goes beyond acquiring backlinks – we build strategic partnerships that enhance your website's authority and credibility. Through ethical and white-hat link-building techniques, we ensure that your website gains prominence in search engine rankings, driving relevant traffic and establishing your brand as an industry leader.

SEO Services

Local 'Near Me' SEO Services

Local 'Near Me' SEO is a niche where Extra Strength Marketing truly shines. Our Torquay-based team employs a hyper-localised approach, ensuring that your business is not just visible but prominently featured in local searches. With a keen eye on data analysis, we harness the power of location-based SEO to connect your business with nearby customers. Our exceptional expertise in local SEO is reflected in the tangible results we deliver – increased foot traffic, relevant leads, and heightened visibility within your community.

SEO Services

Enterprise SEO Services

For Enterprise SEO, Extra Strength Marketing is the go-to agency for businesses operating on a grand scale. Our award-winning team, with over 15 years of SEO specialisation, leverages proven strategies to propel enterprise-level websites to the top of search engine rankings. Our data-driven SEO processes, coupled with an advanced tool suite, guarantee that your enterprise receives tailored solutions that align with your unique goals. With a focus on cost per sale/lead and a commitment to best practices, we consistently deliver exceptional results, enhancing your brand's online presence and driving meaningful conversions.


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frequently asked questions

Can Ecommerce SEO benefit a niche or highly specialised online store?

Absolutely! Ecommerce SEO isn't exclusive to mainstream products. Our expertise extends to niche markets, ensuring tailored strategies that capture the attention of your specific audience and elevate your store's visibility.

How often should I invest in Technical SEO for my website?

While the frequency depends on various factors, we recommend periodic reviews, especially with major website updates or changes. Our team ensures your site remains technically sound and aligned with evolving search engine algorithms.

Does quality content still improve SEO performance for all industries?

Certainly! Our content writing isn't one-size-fits-all. We pride ourselves on crafting industry-specific content that not only resonates with your audience but also boosts your search engine rankings within your niche.

How quickly can I expect to see results with Small Business SEO?

While SEO is a gradual process, our tailored strategies often lead to noticeable improvements within a few months. We focus on sustainable growth to ensure your small business achieves lasting success in the digital landscape.

Is link building still relevant in the era of advanced algorithms?

Absolutely! However, our approach goes beyond quantity; we emphasise quality and relevance. Our strategic link-building efforts build a network that enhances your website's authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Can Local 'Near Me' SEO benefit businesses in less populated areas?

Certainly! Our hyper-localised approach is adaptable to various settings. We leverage location-based SEO strategies to ensure that your business stands out, connecting you with nearby customers regardless of population density.

How does Enterprise SEO differ from standard SEO services?

Enterprise SEO involves scaling strategies for larger websites and corporations. We tailor our proven methods to meet the unique challenges of enterprise-level online presence, ensuring a nuanced approach to maximise your brand's visibility. It's highly accountable and systematic which matters to enterprise organisations.

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“I highly recommend taking any opportunity to gain some digital wisdom from Extra Strength and utilising their skill set. I have yet to meet anyone who knows more about digital marketing than Dion and his team."



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“Extra Strength's open and transparent approach to problem solving and giving/receiving feedback is something you wish for on every project. Very excited to work with them again"


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“The most knowledgeable people in the marketing world. Can take any business and make it better."

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“The ideas, work ethic and attention to detail brought to our company were immeasurable."

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“I've worked with Extra Strength for years and our ecommerce store has grown exponentially, just as they set out to do. With more than 15X revenue and better profit margins too!"


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