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Our Ecommerce Process


Step 1. Research

During the research phase, Extra Strength immerses itself in the wisdom of industry leaders. As Neil Patel aptly puts it, "Research is the backbone of successful SEO strategies." Insights from platforms like Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush provide the agency with a comprehensive understanding of market trends, competitor strategies, and the nuanced dynamics of the E-commerce SEO landscape.

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In the testing phase, Extra Strength integrates proven methodologies championed by SEO leaders. Neil Patel advocates, "Testing is not optional; it's mandatory." Google Search Console and SEMrush, tailored for E-commerce, play pivotal roles in rigorously testing strategies. These insights ensure the identification of optimal approaches for enhancing search visibility and user engagement.

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The analysis phase sees Extra Strength meticulously analysing data and performance metrics, guided by the words of Aleyda Solis: "Analyse to optimise." Insights from E-commerce Platforms, Econsultancy, and Google Analytics guide the agency in evaluating the effectiveness of implemented strategies, facilitating the refinement and adaptation of tactics based on real-time data and industry benchmarks.

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Step 4. Iterations

Continuous refinement is embedded in Extra Strength's ethos during the iteration(s) phase, echoing Brian Dean's sentiment: "SEO is an iterative process." SEO insights from industry leaders and proven methodologies inform the iterative process, ensuring the adaptability of E-commerce SEO strategies to evolving algorithms, trends, and user behaviours.

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Ecommerce tools of the trade

Extra Strength utilises a powerful ensemble of industry tools for E-commerce SEO, aligning with the words of Rand Fishkin: "The best way to succeed is to have a specific intent, a clear vision, a plan of action." Leveraging the Knowledge Graph, Schema Markup, Google Business, SEMrush, SERanking, the EngineRoom SEO dashboard, and AHRefs, the agency ensures a comprehensive and data-driven approach to optimising E-commerce platforms.

Using data intelligence

Analysing ecommerce SEO

Data science is seamlessly integrated into Extra Strength's E-commerce SEO strategy, resonating with the words of Avinash Kaushik: "Data without action is just trivia." By employing machine learning algorithms and advanced statistical methods, the agency analyses datasets from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions for optimal E-commerce SEO performance.

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Ecommerce SEO is all about results

The outcomes of Extra Strength's E-commerce SEO approach are tangible and impactful, reflecting the sentiments of E-commerce Platforms: "Visibility is the key to success." Businesses can anticipate improved search rankings, heightened brand visibility, augmented product listings, and enhanced conversion rates. The results speak to the effectiveness of the agency's strategic and tool-enhanced approach, corroborated by industry benchmarks and insights.


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How does Extra Strength adapt its E-commerce SEO strategies to emerging industry trends and algorithm updates?

Extra Strength remains agile by continuously monitoring industry trends, aligning with the wisdom of SEO leaders, and promptly adapting strategies based on insights from data-driven analytics.

Can you provide examples of specific E-commerce SEO tactics used by Extra Strength to achieve improved product visibility in search results?

Certainly, Extra Strength employs tactics such as Schema Markup, Google Business optimisation, and iterative strategies, drawing inspiration from industry benchmarks and the guidance of SEO leaders.

How important is data science in Extra Strength's E-commerce SEO methodology, and how does it impact decision-making for optimal results?

Data science plays a pivotal role in enhancing decision-making. Machine learning algorithms, nurtured on datasets from Google Analytics and SEMrush, align with advanced statistical methods to ensure Extra Strength remains at the forefront of E-commerce SEO advancements, as recommended by industry leaders.

What role do customer reviews and ratings play in Extra Strength's E-commerce SEO strategy, and how are they optimally utilised for enhanced visibility?

Customer reviews and ratings are integral to E-commerce SEO success. Extra Strength strategically incorporates them, aligning with the guidance of E-commerce Platforms, to foster user trust, improve search visibility, and enhance overall E-commerce SEO performance.

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