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How it works


Step 1. Data acquisition

Over more than 10 years we've gathered a huge dataset from real clients which we've segmented by industry, business model and price range.

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Step 2. data enhancements

Then we gather and cross reference our own datasets with independent research reports from leaders such as Neilson, IBIS World, SEMRush, Statista and more.

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Next, we combine and test all the possible outcomes to affirm the integrity of our data, in addition to this we analyse each outcome with a high, medium and low subset of metrics to determine the cost per acquisition range for each variable.

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Step 4. Deploy & iterate

The last and arguably the most important step is producing a method that allows our users (that's you) to quickly and easily select from the key datapoints that we've analysed. We then repeat each of the above steps to ensure our data is current and the integrity of the dataset continues to improve. We also check with our clients to ensure these numbers hold up in real world scenarios.

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