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Based in Torquay these days with the team working remotely along the Surf Coast, Geelong and Melbourne. We're damn good at what we do - we've got the results to prove it. And when we're not working hard we love to get out to the beach and enjoy some family time or a cheeky surf.

Our mission

OUR CPA Mantra

CPA (cost per acquisition) is the basis for our SEO, ads, website design and dev. We work primarily with small businesses that need to know exactly how much it will cost them to get a lead or a sale. That's what we're really good at projecting and improving as time goes by. There's no radical strategies, just data-driven decision making and it's not fancy - but it works.

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technical seo

Technical SEO is abiding by the 200+ ranking factors known to impact search results, but doing it according to the best possible user experience.

seo website design

Designing with SEO front of mind is essential, that's why we offer services for design by SEO experts who know both disciplines at the highest level.

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seo link building

We build genuine partnerships with industry professionals and organisations that want to promote your business and are proud to link back to your site.

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google ads

Google Ads are a great way to generate leads especially when the account is in the hands of a local expert. The difference is in the quality and cost of the leads.

linkedin ads

LinkedIn ads are poorly understood by a lot of digital maketing agencies. The targeting options are sophisticated and require years of experience to optimise.

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Website Development

We offer low cost and high end development options for website development, especially for Webflow, Shopify and Wordpress sites.

at the helm

Meet the executive leadership team that will keep our specialists accountable for achieving the targeted cost per sale / lead as agreed upon. Extra Strength also employ more than 20 local and international specialists across each field with a nice mix of senior talent and some very savvy digital marketing juniors.

Executive team


DIRECTOR  |  Founder







frequently asked questions

Can I have an in person meeting?

Yeah for sure, we're happy to meet in person and talk about win-win scenarios. That's the basic criteria for all Extra Strength marketing clients. We're not a charity, we like to make money too. The difference is that we make 100% sure our clients profit first, and then take our costs into the equation when generating leads and sales, we consider ourselves to be part of the 'cost per acquisition' formula, so it's essential that your product / service profit margin is maintained (or improved) with our costs included.

Can someone from extra strength visit my business?

Sure, why not? Unless you're located a long way from Geelong (or even Melbourne) then we're more than happy to visit your office, especially if the location helps us understand your marketing requirements.

How many specialists work at extra strength?

We have more than 20 specialists in the team covering services such as SEO, Ads and website design and development. Most of our local crew are located in Melbourne, Geelong and Torquay. With lower cost overseas specialists that have been working with us for more than 5 years and have proven themselves to be very high quality. We try to strike a nice balance between very senior professionals located in Australia and more junior, mid-level overseas specialists who help to keep our (and your) costs down. It's just smart business. There's no sense in paying other agencies high-end rates for rudimentary tasks that take a lot of time and will be virtually identical in terms of the end result.

Are there any lock-in contracts?

Zero contracts. Our clients work with us because they want to, because they increase revenue and profits from our marketing. Not because of some fine-print contact that spineless lawyers contructed to lock them in.

It's not what we say that matters

Our clients are our business partners



“I highly recommend taking any opportunity to gain some digital wisdom from Extra Strength and utilising their skill set. I have yet to meet anyone who knows more about digital marketing than Dion and his team."



“Extra Strength's understanding of business through a sales and marketing lens is the best I have seen- and I have come across many. Their competencies stretch well beyond digital and data led marketing into all forms of business and strategic expertise."



“Extra Strength's open and transparent approach to problem solving and giving/receiving feedback is something you wish for on every project. Very excited to work with them again"


Alchemists in the digital world.

“The most knowledgeable people in the marketing world. Can take any business and make it better."

Don Milne - Director at Ziilch Pty Ltd

I was lucky to work with Extra Strength.

“Incredibly talented when it comes to finding new strategies and innovative ways to use digital as an effective tool to grow businesses"


Adapted several cutting-edge systems

“Extra Strength displayed unwavering commitment to conversion-driven strategy and execution."

Scott Bampton - Candidsky Pty Ltd

Recommended at the highest level

“The ideas, work ethic and attention to detail brought to our company were immeasurable."

Zoe Cowel - Iag.com.au


“I've worked with Extra Strength for years and our ecommerce store has grown exponentially, just as they set out to do. With more than 15X revenue and better profit margins too!"